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Hi, I’m Jon Love. This is my blog where I’ll aim to write about things that interest me or that I care about in some capacity. This blog broadly covers the topic of Node.js and at times more specifically the Express framework.


Growing up around the Charlotte, NC area, I discovered my love for all things technology early on. I had my first encounter with programming at age 10 when I aimlessly edited some values in a Java file while trying to create my own private server for a game I liked. I wasn’t immediately hooked and the concept of code was quite intimidating, but I continued to mess around on and off with programming for a long time; creating games, desktop applications, and websites.

After graduating high school, I followed through on my plan of becoming a self-taught software developer. Using a healthy mix of books, real-life mentors, and an abundance of online resources, I got serious about developing my skills. The projects I’ve created during this time can be seen below!

Things I’ve Made


A Node.js/Express web forum
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A fun chatbot for Discord!
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Node.js App Boilerplate

My custom, full-featured, starter kit for Node.js apps
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