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How and Why to Start a Blog

Every professional developer should have a blog, but none more so than those who are trying to break into the field without any prior experience. Wouldn’t it be great if the first thing a potential employer sees when they Google your name is a link to your professional blog?

When you have a blog with a consistent record of posts, people that come across it will view you as the expert. Blogging signals to people that you’re confident enough in your knowledge, and passionate enough about the topic, to publicly display your opinions and experiences online for everyone to see and (hopefully) learn from.

It’s an impression like that that can be a developer’s edge up on competition when looking for their first job in the industry.

I want to start one, but I’m unsure

For a lot of people though, the biggest hurdle is knowing how to get started (as is true for almost all things). Should you create your own blog from scratch or use a CMS like WordPress? Where should you host it? What should you do for a domain name? What should you write about and how often? Maybe you’ve asked yourself if you’re even qualified to have your own blog.

So yeah, starting up a blog isn’t easy, and those are all questions you’re going to have to answer—and more—but it can be easier.

Oh and hey, aren’t there enough blogs out there already? Why should I add one more to a pile of thousands? That’s an understandable concern, but there are probably a lot more programmers out there than you realize. I’m not kidding, there are millions! So I really wouldn’t worry about over-saturating the market quite yet.

How to get started

John Sonmez is the creator of one of the most popular software development blogs on the web and he has an awesome email course that will help you answer all the questions you have and walk you through the whole process of getting your blog setup and off the ground.

The course also talks about how to choose a niche and why it’s beneficial to do so, how to come up with ideas for posts, how often you should post and the importance of consistency, and how to generate traffic for your site.

Sign up for the course here:

The course is a clear and concise starting guide, and all the better it’s free! (granted, there is an optional non-free workbook that goes along with the course if you’re looking for a little bit extra.)

Good luck, and I hope you’re able to get as much out of John’s course as I have!

P.S. if you want to know specifically how to setup a blog site, I’ve got a post about that here.

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